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Corylus americana
Also called American filbert, this thicket-forming shrub is found throughout the state on a wide range of soils and sites. Th
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Kentucky Coffeetree

Gymnocladus dioicus
Medium to large tree preferring good soil. Found statewide, but most common in western Missouri. The large persistent seedpod
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Loblolly Pine

Pinus taeda
Native throughout the southern United States. Introduced and grows well in southern Missouri. This is a fast-growing pine tha
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Mixed Hickory

Carya spp.
A mix of hickory dominated by shagbark, but also includes bitternut, pignut, black and shellbark hickories. Seed mixed at pla
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Viburnum lentago
This shrub is native to northeast Missouri, but will grow statewide. Flowers are white rounded clusters 3 to 5 inches across
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Physocarpus opulifolius
A streamside shrub found over much of the state. Forms a massive root system quickly after planting, making it useful to cont
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Northern Red Oak

Quercus rubra
One of the most widespread and commercially important of the oaks. Found on a wide variety of sites statewide. Grows best in
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Norway Spruce

Picea abies
Excellent tree for windbreak and wildlife cover. While not immune to deer damage, deer generally leave this evergreen alone.
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Nuttall Oak

Quercus texana
Relatively fast growing oak that is found in the southeastern lowlands. Does well on heavy, poorly drained clay soils. Genera
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Ohio Buckeye

Aesculus glabra
Found statewide, this is a slow-growing small tree to 30 feet tall. It is one of the first trees to leaf out and flower in th
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Osage Orange

Maclura pomifera
The familiar "hedge" or hedgeapple tree of the prairie regions of the state. Hard and durable wood is used for fence posts. H